Panda on Pastelmat

After many recommendations, I got Pastelmat paper and attempted this panda. It is an 8x10 done with soft pastels and Carbothello pastel pencils. This paper is amazing to use. Layers build so easily and do not seem to have a limit. I’m hooked on this paper and pastels.


How adorable! :panda_face: The entire piece is amazing, but the teeth :scream: AWESOME!!!

Thank you for your comments! Always encouraging and nice to hear from you.

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Very nice. I am tempted to try pastelmat. I haven’t yet.

Thank you Ginny! I highly recommend trying Pastelmat. It took a little while to receive it here in the US but well worth the wait. The tooth on the Strathmore paper I had been using was really hard to get beyond for me.

This is great. I love it.

Beautiful indeed :heart: really nice piece

Thank you Denise. I really appreciate everyone’s feedback and comments.

Thank you Dan. The feedback and comments keep me trying more. This is a great community.

Nice! Fun image. I just got some new pastels to play with. Also like the Carbothello pencils

It was fun to create this. What paper do you use? This was my first with Pastelmat and it was amazing how easy the layers went on and worked together. I have a long way to go, but the paper really made a big difference.

I have Pastelmat, Canson Mi-teintes in many colors and many mixed media papers. So far I have no preference.

I haven’t tried the Mi-teintes paper yet, but do plan on giving it a try also. Really happy with Pastelmat over the Strathmore.

Beautiful! Pastelmat is my “go to” paper as well :blush:

Thanks. It was fun to do. I may try using oil pastel on the Strathmore paper since Matt mentioned oil is better on higher textured paper. At least that is what I thought he said the other night while doing the latest live lesson.

This is great! So happyyou are liking the paper.

Beautiful! Such expressive eyes and the teeth are outstanding. Pastel mat is amazing and so fun to work with