Pug in pastels, on pastelmat

This was really fun. Still loving the pastels.


Another great one. You are doing very well.

That’s amazing, absolutely love this

Thank you Denise. I’ve had a very busy summer, glad to be back drawing more regularly.

Thank you Jon, your comment means a lot.

Wow, that’s amazing!! I could almost touch his fur :heart_eyes:

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I love this pug drawing and am very impressed by how real the sweater looks

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this is absolutely gorgeous!

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Thank you Swati, one of the things I love most about my pugs is their soft plush coat.

Thank you Ruby, my friend said it looked like I knitted the sweater with my pencils! Pugs are great to dress up and it’s fun when someone sends me one to draw. This sweater means a lot to my friend, because it has been handed down twice.

Thank you Lilian, I really appreciate your comment.

Wow, this is brilliant

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This is absolutely beautiful, what a wonderful job you did!!! The pug’s fur looks so real and the sweater, oh my, just wonderful work!!!

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That is just stunning

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