AUDI ~My Second Colored Pencil Drawing

Hi Everybody…I’m happy to share my second colored pencil drawing here. As am a mom of a 4 year kid I couldn’t complete this drawing at one shot (I really have a naughty one :grin:)…I managed to finish this art after a week time. In this drawing , I have used Fabercastell polychromos color pencil.I love any drawing that has got detail in it…I would love to have your opinion about this drawing…like any corrections or areas where I an improve…

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Good picture and with a ‘little one’ in the house, it is difficult to have the time to draw and/or paint. My distraction is my fur-baby.

The only thing I see is that the rear right panel seems a little off. It looks like the light source is too strong. I think if you make that ‘yellow tone’ on the right-rear panel into a ‘blue tone’ like the rest of the car that might be a way you could correct it. I certainly would not redraw it.

I am very impressed with the details. I would also suggest, if you have not already done so, go to the courses under “Twenty-five Days to a Better Drawing” (or something like that ) under courses. Look at lessons 16 - 18 about perspective and shows how to do so. I think looking at the 3 lessons will let you know if it is because of the use of color or perspective. The more I look at it I think it is because of using a yellow tone when a blue tone might be used better. Maybe others will have different suggestions.

I should be doing the “Twenty-five Days to a Better Drawing” myself. I have just soaked in as much as I can before I sit back and start those lessons. I finally bought a pair of earplugs so I can watch and listen to them while sitting in the den with the TV on for my husband to watch. Now I can listen to the Live Lessons without disturbing him.


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I just received a set of 36 polychromos pencils. I hope I can do half as well as you did on that one when I do my second image. Wife wants a crab in color to hang on the wall to match her beach/sea/tropical theme in the dining room. That in​timidates me.

Dale, just go for it, even if you make mistakes along the way. You should not allow something to intimidate you. You can always start ovor or ask others for their suggestions. You’ll know when your wife loves a ‘picture of a crab’ - she will light right up. I ‘give’ most of my work to others, although I have been commissioned for a couple of things. More fun to know that you did something that the person wants. Right now I am working on ‘large’ canvases. Trying to loosen up a little.


Lots of things intimidate me but I never let that prevent me from doing them. I have always believed if someone can do something then I can too. Certainly not as fast or as well at first, but doable, yeah it is. I can draw anything, some things better than others; the part that is intimidating is the painting. I have an unused set of casein that I don’t know how to use so that is what I will use :grinning:

Isn’t Matt’s next lesson series going to be something about oil painting? I love oils, but my easel is sitting on the carport and too hot out there except in the early morning. Starts off in the '70s and up to '90+s. I have a canvas ready to paint on, just got to do it. Looking forward to your crab drawing/painting. I think if I had a set of casein I would break it out and try it. Isn’t it close to painting with acrylics? Personally, I don’t want to buy any acrylics because of the way it is hard (almost impossible) to mix?w Let me know what yoou think of them. l Lenora

Yes there is an upcoming oil painting series. There is the old series which I have done and it was useful. To me (and I may be totally wrong of course) but casein seems to me to have characteristics of watercolor, gouache and acrylics. Water resistant (maybe waterproof) when dry but can be painted like watercolor when thinned and is more opaque like gouache when thicker. It needs a rigid surface too btw. My easel is in an unused bedroom…unused. Not very good ventilation in this hobby room and like you my garage gets too hot. The garage is usable in Spring and Fall for a while but it isn’t heated or cooled. Acrylics are fun but not really my cup of tea. My son and daughter prefer acrylics but they don’t paint much. Too busy making a living and raising families.

It sounds like that is the case with casein. I had to look that up because I had never heard of it. Yeah, when children grow up they have to go to ‘work’. Been there, done that … not anymore because of a disability with 20 years of early retirement. It’s been fun to not have to get up, put on make-up, and wear 4" high heels. Not yet stilettos but close. I would take them off and go around the office barefooted. One good thing is that I worked behind closed and locked doors.