My second coloured pencil drawing

Last year I bought myself a box of coloured pencils (polychromes) and started drawing a portrait of my cat. This bird is my second drawing, I used a pixabay picture for this one. At the moment I’m very busy with my new puppy but in the future I hope to follow some lessons but not really sure where to start, there are so many nice lessons. One day I hope to be able to draw my black labrador but I find it very hard to draw a black dog. :sweat_smile:


That is beautiful. I like your style.

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Thank you Ginny. My first drawing was a bit pale so I tried to make this one more colourful but I still have to learn al lot. :wink:

@MoiLolita, it’s BEAUTIFUL! :star_struck: The colors are vivid, and this is only your second colored pencil drawing?! Wow, you’re REALLY good! Please share more artwork when you can! Jesus loves you!!!

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Thank you very much. :kissing_heart:

Great Job. Love it. Love the colors.

Thank you very muxh Denise! :grinning: