Art ABC Discover Challenge

I was thinking and playing with the idea of an Art Challenge. Not in a competition type of way, but more along the lines of “inktober” and “21daysinmyartworld”. I know these are mostly done on instagram and I dont know how many of you are also active on there, but my guess is a few of you are.

Like I said I was playing with the idea of an ABC art challenge, with 26 prompts representing each letter of the alfabet.
For example: M stands for Materials; you can draw or paint an art material or write up what fav materials you have (or dislike for that matter) or what materials you want to discover.
It’s ment to be as a creative journey for yourself, aswell as skillwise as where you stand as an artist today.

How many of you would be interested in participating in such a challange? And is it possible to do it on this forum aswell?

I hope some of you respond to my idea.

Warm Greetings,

Hi Silvia, this sounds interesting. I’d like to hear more about your idea.

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Hi janed, im happy to hear that you find my idea interesting and want to know more.

I still have to work out specific prompts. Also I want to check if its possible to host said challenge on this forum and if there is any interest from you guys. If not, than i will try to host it on insta. However i dont have a large group of followers…

But if it all works out (here or on insta), I want to plan this challenge in febuary or march. All prompts can be done however one sees fit: drawing, painting or just writing up a short piece of how you interpret the prompt.

Thats all I have for now and hopefully it makes things a bit more clearer.


I’m sure if it was all kept to one thread it would be fine.

Hi Silvia -
This could be fun. My concern is that I only have so many hours to devote to artwork, and an ongoing daily project would take away what time I have from personal projects that are more important to me. I sure would be willing to watch, comment and maybe participate on occasion.
Terri Robichon

Hi Silvia,

This is a great idea for those who are interest.

I just started a project myself, but at a turtle pace, but if you find others to participate then I would like to tag along and watch!

One way is as you get people who are interested is to start a group and add those interested to either watch, participate daily, or even do a project here and there throughout the month.

Another thought for those who would be interested to participate is to put up all the prompts but let them post their projects as they finish. Especially for those who have limited time or are dealing with other issues.

I hope you get more responses. This sounds like an interesting idea.

Best to you and this endeavor.