Day 1 - Subjects in pen and ink

So started subjects in pen and ink this morning. Day 1. Ink bottle. Not amazing but it’s a start


I think it looks great! What I enjoyed about this course is that it got me drawing with ink everyday. I did not obsessed and did them as sketches. Keep it going!

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Thank you so much. Alongside subjects with ink, I’m trying to draw 6 small drawings a day, that can be 5, 10 or 15mins each which keeps me just drawing and refining :grinning: they aren’t meant to be great, but in 31 days I would have done 186 pen drawings

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I feel you did a great job. I love this.

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Thank you. Day two coming hopefully tomorrow :heart::grinning:

Love the perspective, the variance in line saturation really helps too! :clap: :smile: