Baby picture of a retired friend

This is a pastor friend baby picture who has retired.


How adorable and cute. Love it.

Children are so difficult to draw but this looks great! Keep on doing portraits of people - you are doing great.


This is wonderful. I love it.

Denise - what do I do to ‘follow’ someone on TVI?


not sure. I never saw anything about following someone on the site.

I was just trying to see a way to be able to see someone’s art when and if it was posted at a later date. Maybe I will ask Matt when I get a chance. Thanks anyway, Lenora

Hope no one minds me joining the conversation! A beautiful sketch @JimB! There’s something paper drawing can capture that digital can’t easily replicate!

@lilnora, I don’t think there is a way to follow with the platform Mr. Matt is using, unless he adds it with code or something. I read people saying you can visit the users profile page to see all of their topics! If anyone knows if Mr. Matt wants to add that feature, I can send him the discussion I found about it. Jesus loves you!!!

On the Forum you can see students’ art work, but did not see where you could follow the person.

Thank you anyway. I will contact Matt then