A Little Voodo Love

This little guy was created for ink October 2022 and hes one of my favs. :heart:
He on 100% cotton sketch paper, micron pens and watercolor.
Hes simple but holds a back story in that hes much like my better half of 30 years (and a Veteran) he might be stitched together but he has a big heart and much love to give. :heart:


Thanks so much for sharing! Brings a big smile for me! Love the colors and the subject!

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Thank you June, im so glad it made you smile :heart:

Hello Queeny107,

The back story touched my heart and with the meaning behind this piece of artwork it comes to life. Sometimes simple is better than complex.


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Thank you Teri, i greatly appreciate it. Alice

@Queeny107 this is so cute! It almost looks like digital art, ats so clean and the shading is so precisely exicuted! I love the whole piece, its absolutely wonderful and makes me really happy! Its such an original idea, great job!:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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Thank you so very much for your kind words.:heart: