My Muse and Magic Boy

My beloved friend and soother of the soul. I believe o have done him justice here.

My muse and magic boy. #oilpastel


Hi Dotsie,

What a great rendering of your muse! You got the shape and expression down. I just have one suggestion - something I work on constantly - maybe deepen some of the values? I think you could go a bit darker in some of the fur. Try looking at you work in black and white - it really helps to see if there is enough contrast. Hope that helps! But honestly, it is beautiful the way it is now! I always hesitate to offer suggestions because I don’t want to offend!

Here are the reference photos I used to grab the yellows, purples and highlights in black and white.

Hi @Dotsie !
This is beautiful! I actually agree with @junenez 100℅, youve got the expression and shape down wonderfully but some more contrasting and values would add a lot to this piece, especially in the eyes. They look a bit hollow so maybe some darker values and a bit more reflection would make it more alive! I hope that helps, it really is a wonderful piece! :dog2::yellow_heart:

Thanks to great input I have tweaked. The fixative dulled a lot of nuance so I went back to add more contras and color.

After and before.

Wow! This is great Love it

Yeeeessss!!! Thise littl additions improved it so much! Wonderful job!!!:heartbeat:

It looks great! Wonderful!