Colored Pencil Portrait

This is part of a larger piece that I am working on. Would appreciate any comments for improvement. David-portrait-crop-resized


Maybe the eyes can be a little darker and the lips. Otherwise. I think it is great.

It feels distorted to me. And it could be from the photo process as camera lens can do that. Love the warmth and whimsical feel.

Hi, I think the boy’s character is done beautifully. I love his ginger hair and his mischievous expression. I think boy has lots of character and is painted with lots of love.
On the other hand, I agree with Belinda58, there seems to be some kind of distortion. I think it’s because the top of the head, the left-hand side (from viewer’s point of view) is like cut off. If there were more volume there, I think the sense of distortion would be gone. Another thing, but only minor, is the left corner of the mouth. If it was slightly higher, it would be better. Right now lips are closer to the frontal position. But it’s only minor thing. In general, the picture gives a beautiful loving warm feeling.

Thank you Belinda58. I think that sometimes when you are close to the subject matter it is difficult to become none personal and give a non-biased evaluation. This is my son, 3 yrs of age, and he is looking at a deer (face to face), extremely close-up.

Thank you natashaD and welcome to the community. I appreciate the detailed evaluation. I agree the left corner of the mouth does need to be slightly higher. This may account for the distortion of the head? Maybe!