Inuit child in graphite

This portrait was done from a photograph I took of a child I teach; all in graphite and it was a challenge for me. I wanted to portray the tender facial features, so I did not work with too dark values. I am still debating whether to go back and darken here and there


I see the tenderness in their eyes though I would perhaps consider increase the contrast with your tone. It would give the child more depth…

If a may refer to “my dad with instruction “
I have two portraits of my day posted… the second one I increased the contrast of tone

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Hi Linda. I love this child, but I think you are right. You could push the values here and there and still keep the soft look of the child. It is a truly well done portrait.

That is simply beautiful. Yes, I would push the values. You can do that and still keep the softness. Good job.

Thank you for the helpful comments. I am still hesitant, as I don’t want to ruin it. I’ll have to sit and think onapproaching carefully, deliberately.

I think you did a great job. I think maybe if you darken the hair and lips, it might enhance it more.

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I had put it aside for some time, not ready to decide, but, Yes, her hair is much darker - in real life, almost black.

It always takes courage to decide to change your work.

How about trying some digital simulation? I prepared a sample of this work with different values balance using photoshop.

I do this pretty often. I draw something, scan it, check the digital data, edit it so that it will look perfect, and then go back to the original and make corrections referencing the printout of the edited digital data.

Hope this helps!

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That is a great idea. Thanks!:smiley:


i have to agree with Frankie here. You already captured the eyes and
i would not add too much to them, but a bit. Then in the middle of the lips…Just a bit more definition and contrast overall…

Lovely delicate portrait of a child. I have read down the comments and the suggestion by Maki regarding digital simulation could help you make your decision. Noticeably the background and the main body of the jacket are lighter. If it were me I would work on this first and then darken the hair and eyes a little. I would not touch the skin, and very little needs to be added to nose and lips.

Helpful suggestions, thank you

I think you captured the child’s features and expression and i would darken, for contrast.

Linda, I love this subject. I think the north is under-represented in art. I am not good enough to critique your art, but I love this!

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You really captured this child’s expression. Nice work.