Newborn Feet in Graphite

8/4/19 12:00PM
I have identical twin grandsons, 18 months old.:heart: I decided that I wanted to draw their feet instead of a portrait. I want to try the portraits later.


Looks very good and realistic!

Hi Judy. What a wonderful idea. You did a great job with this. I like it a lot. (May be I am biased; some people have accused me of having a fixation on baby feet and hands.:wink:)

Thank you sterlingsiam for the nice review. Hands and feet are difficult for me to draw. I need to practice more. However, these feet are very personal to me. I do want to paint both of their portraits later (colored pencil).

I love the human body… gesture drawing, form, portraits etc. I gravitate to the medium of graphite though would like to expand in the future. My difficulty with certain mediums is the use of contrast… light, dark tones. The usage of tone in relation to contrast can you drawings greater depth. In my humble thoughts increasing your contrast would give your drawing more depth.
Though who am I to critique? I love your drawing and your passion.

Thank you, Frankie, for your most appreciated honest evaluation. Increasing the contrast will give more depth. And, since I have not used a fixative, I am thinking about doing just that. I plan to enter this drawing at the county homemakers meeting in the spring 2020. If it should receive a blue ribbon,it will progress to regional (blue ribbon), and then to state. Again, thank you.:+1:

Very nice, Judy. One of the less messy parts of a baby. LOL. Good value range but maybe a little more contrast needed. Just my opinion and we know what those are worth.

Very nice. Yes, hands and feet are very difficult. You did a good job with those cute little feet.

Oh my! Very neat! They grow up too quick!!

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