Hands in graphite

Hi all,
kind of new to art and decided to take it on since I was quarantined for a while. I used graphite on 11x17. I found a photo online that I really liked and took a stab. Let me know what can be improved, thanks.


If you are new to art, you definitely will become really good at it. I think this is really well done. I found only one thing a little odd and that would be the thumb that is sticking up looks a little off (too long may be?) Still, you should definitely keep going. I like it. :grinning: :clap:

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I never noticed that, thank you :slight_smile:

If this is your first work and new at art, you did a great job. Hope you feel better soon. My prayers are with you.

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Thank you :pray:
I wish it was my first. Lots of practice since May

Certainly a great start! For me, shading is everything when it comes to human hands, and you captured that very well.

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