Electric Guitar - Graphite

This one definitely put me out of my comfort zone and many times I had the thought “OMG what were you thinking” :grin: But, I did it. My first drawing without a tutorial and first time drawing a hand… actually I’ve only drawn 3 landscapes and a bird before. Graphite with Conte a Paris Pierre Noire 3B for the background. Bristol Vellum paper (drawing size 5"x7"). This is for a themed challenge “Electric” for another group.


I love your drawing. Is it on black paper!? You did really good with the values and textures! Thank you for sharing and keep’em coming.


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Thank you Sonia @Meme5 ! No, it is white paper. I did the black background once I finished (except for the 2 little pieces by under the thumb and left side of wrist) with a Conte a Paris Pierre Noire 3B pencil (I think it is charcoal).


Love how Super dark it is. Seems like you’re on your way to graphite art without fear from now on. :smiley:

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Outstanding. Love it!

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Thank you! It was really fun seeing it come “alive” :blush:

Hi @Tania - This is really well done. I think the pieces that we don’t think we can do, and then we succeed at finishing are the ones that are always the most meaningful. Keep up the good work, thanks for sharing, and send this in to the Members Minute.

Terri Robichon

Thank you Terri! Not a member, I only purchased a couple of the courses that I was interested in.

Oh, too bad. Maybe you should reconsider now that you’re getting to know the quality of instruction. The weekly live lessons and the members minute are my favorite things about The Virtual Instructor.

Terri Robichon

This is great. love it.

I am impressed, excellent job.

This is lovely Tania, the hand is so beautifully detailed and I love the different textures on the guitar.

Kind regards
Cathy Hales