Blond Cutie -- Pencil Portrait

This one was a real struggle. I just could not get her likeness. I hate to start over, but I couldn’t fix it and had to start all over again. It was a commission and my client and I agreed that I just didn’t get it in the first go around. But, I have it now! Whew! Graphite and white charcoal on 8x10 Canson Mi-Tientes gray toned paper.


Congratulations on your commission on the work of art. It is great.

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This is amazing, what an adorable subject.

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Thank you, Denise. I appreciate it.

Thank you, Lori. Yes, she is adorable and that pose is very sweet.

This is a stunning portrait. You have captured the cuteness of the child so beautifully.

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Thank you. It was a relief finally getting her likeness.

Lovely, Ginny. I love the shine on the hair as well as other highlights.

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I’m sure your drawing mirrors the reference picture. Nice work.

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Thank you, Suzy. :smiley:

Thank you, Logan. It does not mirror the reference picture, but at least she is recognizable.

That’s beautiful Ginny!

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Thank you, Rain. My mother’s name is Frances. :smiley:

It’s a nice name! :yum:

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She is adorable! I love the highlight s on her hair and the texture of her sweater.

Excellent work! It is good to hear your back story to this work. Sometimes I feel like that too… can’t fix it and too far to start over. I think that happens to every artist quite often. At least you can know that the rest of us are going through the same trials and tribulations. This outcome couldn’t be better! You did a great job here!
Have a great day!

Wow! It’s very nice! I really lik eit…I like the capture of that “real” expression…

Stunning Ginny! Such a little cutie, looks like she is going to jump out the page and either give you a hug or run off with the cookie jar! :grinning::wink::joy:

Love the balance of values!

I painted a neighbor’s ‘late’ dog and I’d take it over a few times while painting it. It was a solid white dog and it was hard to do from a photograph, and he’d tell me what he saw. This made it easier for me and since I charged him for it we both were satisfied. I painted another portrait of a HS classmate in his Army Dress uniform. He had sent me the picture and his bars and a clip of the uniform to get the ‘olive drab’ correct. I had to just order a couple of tubes to get the right color. I think that mixing colors to try to get olive must be impossible. He paid me before he saw it. He was very satisfied; but, after seeing him again, ‘in person’ I realized that his skin tone was more ruddy in person than on my painting. About a week later I wanted to just send his money back but husband would not let me because he was paying me for my time (not the picture) so if he was satisfied then I would let it be. I love portraits, but when you are getting paid for it you want it to be ‘perfect’. I am way too hard on myself regarding my artwork…

Gorgeous picture of a charming little girl. Well done.