White prismacolor pencil portrait

My first attempt at a portrait with white pencil on black paper. Photo from pixabay. All critiques welcome


what an amazing drawing! The subject is so raw . . . your choice to place his nose fair in the centre of the picture plane draws viewer’s eyes away from the subject’s eyes and immediately onto the mouth with its strikingly unpleasant teeth, accentuating the rawness of the face. Filling the page with your drawing, including cutting the skull just under the hairline adds to that atmosphere. You have a great tonal range, and the white hairs of the beard and left side are so natural, they are a wonderful highlight. Well done.

Absolutely amazing, you can see the anguish!! Brenda

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This is great for your first attempt. I love it.

Hi Estelle. I know that photo! I had downloaded that one intending to try it some day. I love what you did with it. The eyes are spot on and the mouth, well, everyone can tell that he needs to get some serious dental work. Well done!


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Thanks everyone for your encouraging comments. He was certainly a challenge. I think I could have done better with the mouth, but that’s how it is in the photo.

Hi Estelle, I think you did great with that mouth - it is exactly the way he looks (at least, to me :grinning:)

Wow! Great! and it’s your first time…Quite a rough/rugged character and you captured it…whew…lots of detail…What a rough beard! You captured such sadness in his eyes…It makes me question “Why”? is his life so rough! and who is he :slight_smile:

You did a great job, especially if this is your first attempt at a portrait. You captured his face and showed a lot of character.


Estelle, I really like this. I’ve never tried the combo.