Lots of firsts with this one

Graphite and white charcoal on Mi-Teintes Pastel paper. About 12 inch by 12 inch but on larger paper (image is cropped).
First time I’ve used graphite on pastel paper.
First time using colored paper for drawing.
First time using Mi-Teintes paper.
First time I ever tried to draw my father (passed abt 15 years ago)
First time I ever used white charcoal
And first time I have tried to do a portrait in 50 years.
Considering all the firsts I am quite pleased with the result although like any artist I see ALL the flaws and a few dozen ways to improve it.


Hello Dale! All these firsts still led you to a wonderful portrait. What I see when I look at the portrait? Someone I would have liked to meet. There is something very nice in his eyes. Great job doing a portrait with glasses. Yes, we can always be critical of our own work, but you should definitely be proud of that one.

Great Job! I love how you captured his wrinkles. You could tell, he liked to smile.

He had a mischievous sense of humor and liked to laugh. He wasn’t an artist but he loved to build stuff.

What a beautiful tribute to your father!!!