Pencil sketch of Isaac

This a young man who just passed from the Flu I am trying to capture him please let me know if I am close to the picture, any suggestions on improvement are welcome


You did a great job. I love it.

Looking good! The bits I see as different but not disastrous are the photo has a tooth under each nostril, while the drawing has one tooth under both nostrils. Second is something about the eyes, they’re very curved on both sides and maybe not matching? The problem with portraits (which I really suck at) is trying to figure out what isn’t exactly right, you can be just a teensy tiny bit off and it will look a bit off but you have no idea why that is.

Sorry to hear he passed.

Firstly, thanks for sharing the story behind your drawing. Flu??? He is too young to die of flu. Sorry for your loss.

Your drawing comes very closed to him, no chance of no detection. I am poor in portraits, to be honest, haven’t been able to go beyond figure sticks yet, so I would suggest to send this to Matt for a critique.

Beside … the hair could be more fluffy, the neck slighlty thinner. In the picture, the darkness of eyes, jumper and hair seems quite similar, so I would go for more contrast in the drawing too.

You did a great job anyhow!