Unfinished but need encouragment!

Been working on this gouache (a very new medium for me) and and am really struggling. I have a tough time mixing colors and then either end up with too thick or too runny. Any types on improving at painting?


I can’t help with tips on painting as I really struggle with mixing paints, but wanted to say I love this guy! I feel a little personality is in his expression.

I can’t help with painting either, as I’m mainly using graphite at the moment. All I can say is you have captured a delightful attitude of the animal. One of the main tips I’ve picked up from listening to and watching Matt and Ashley on Getting Sketchy is to have patience and not give up. I’m sure if you take it slow and steady, it will come together.

Thats so beautiful! I love the colors and general style of it. Great job!!!

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I am another who does not paint in gouache but I do paint in acrylics (I am learning watercolor, gouache, water mixable oils, and drawing with inks) and find if things are not working to step away for a couple of days and just look at the piece until I can see a color or change that I want.

Sometimes I will start out trying for something realistic and it ends up somewhat abstract. If the project changes as you are working on it there is nothing wrong with that at all. It is all a progress.

You can also practice mixing your colors and how fluid you want them on scrap paper then go back to your project.

I think what you have done is really nice and as others have said you have captured the personality. I really like what you have done.

And as Matt says, practice. practice, practice!


yes - practice is key!