Gouache has me stumped!

Well, I’ve been trying to follow along with the live lesson and I managed to ruin the drawing underneath trying to do the pencil with gouache. Somehow I made the gouache too wet and the layers didn’t set right and when I tried to fix it (the way you do with watercolor) it didn’t work, I ruined my paper.

So, yeah, I have to redraw the subject, but to be honest, I’m thinking about just watching along and tackling gouache at a later date.

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What is your “go to” medium?
Iv only experimented with black ink, polychromos and mostly graphite and charcoal.
Hoping in a couple months to try out paint.
Just need to buy a lot of stuff for that :grin:
Anyway, sorry that happened but I think it was still a good lesson :wink: pick it back up later on and try again.
Ill see you in the next liveshow!

I prefer graphite and watercolor, but I’m now getting into pen and ink and charcoal. I’ve messed around a lot with colored pencils and enjoy them well enough, but they stress me out, lol.

Lol I’m the same with colored pencils, it’s so different then graphite. I will try again later on but my focus now is graphite. I just made a post about an ink drawing so if you ever wanna show something off, don’t hesitate!