Can I use gouache and watercolor pencils to create this?

I would like to get more experience with gouache because I have well none, lol. I am looking for something that would be good for gouache and if wanted I can use water color pencils too. I also want to do something that I find interesting. I think the attached image looks like it would be a good choice, but well I have no idea… comments please! Thank you!!

I think its awesome that you wanting to get more experience and grow with your art!! :clap:
My only concern is the detail of the picture…please im not in anyway critiquing your ability, im only speaking to my own abilities. When i moved back into pastels recently i did small studies to learn what i could do with the medium ( im still learning thats for sure…lol) i know for me i need something with less detail so im not overwhelmed.
Maybe pick out a part of the pic and do small study see how it goes then try another part of the pic, once your more comfy have at it😁. This is only a suggestion, if you wanna go for the gusto right away go for that too. You know your abilities better then anyone. Either way art is learning and as long as your having fun its all good. Best wishes, Alice

Excellent idea and thank you! I was concerned about the trees in the background. I will definitely slim it down. You did nail an issue that I have when selecting pieces as I often do not recognize the difficulty of my selections until I am knee deep into the piece. I am sure there is not a specific answer to this… but what kind of subject matter works well with gouache. I was thinking this one would be fun as it is so many shades of green and i can adjust my value of green as i move around… making it a bit more simple.

Hi Sara :blush:
Since gouache is really opaque watercolor any subject matter your comfy with i think will work just fine. The photo reference is beautiful and your drawn to it so maybe practice the rocks and how the light reflects or whatever spot catches your eye more.
If during the process you get overwhelmed or flustered maybe step away for a bit maybay breakdown the process even simpler and give it another go. There are days i cant seem to draw stick figures…lol. But i just step back go doodle something im comfortable with (animal eyes for me) and come back.
Your gonna do awesome and there are so many great artist on this forum the chat with, plus the courses are great!! Best wishes, Alice

Hello Sara, I’ve never tried gouache myself, I’ve only tried soft pastel before and from my limited experience, I would recommend that you use an application which can edit the reference photo so that it will look like a painting. The point is how you can effectively make your reference photo simpler. Once you find the edited photo which you think is best, you can use it for your actual painting, instead of the original realistic photo.

Here are some samples I’ve got from one of such applications available in Japan.

original photo reference:

edit level 5

edit level 2

edit level 8

Hope this helps! :cat: :+1: :smiley:

Thank you! I am googling now :grinning:

I enjoyed the process and effort… learned a lot on the way. Thank you for the support :blush:

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Suggestions and criticisms welcome!

Sara!! Awesome job! Really like how you made this your own vision. So happy for you with this! :clap:Alice

Awww, marvelous, Sara, what a cheerful artwork! Really, I could not imagine a bit that you could create something this pleasant based on the reference photo.
I don’t think you need to change anything. This is perfect in this style :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
You should definitely frame your work. Again, I ran my favourite framing simulator! :laughing:

Thank you for sharing your wonderful artwork! :+1: :tada: :cat:

Thank you so much! So glad to be apart of such a supportive and generous group!

:partying_face: Congratulations on completing it! The piece is beautiful, and the color palette is very nice! :clap: