The first original project using gouache

This was my first time to do a gouache project that was not a tutorial. I do not have high quality gouache but really enjoyed the process so hope to invest in some in the future.

This is done on a hand pressed, 100% virgin cotton paper.

Thanks for taking a look.



Fabulous job! My only try at gouache was a disaster.

Thank you, Rheba,

It helped me go through some of the gouache live lessons with Matt to understand this mediums uniqueness. There are several of the older live lessons if you are a member of the VI as well as some free ones on the site.

I hope you give it a try again, after getting a feel for it, this is a really nice medium to work with.

Thank you again for your kind comment.


Great Job. Very well done.

Love your cow! I need to try more goauche. And more cows! I am thinking next to do marker underlayment with colored pencils. we shall see when that happens

Done a wonderful job.

Thank you so much for your kind words Ansy. I appreciate it.


Thank you so much Denise,


Thank you June,

I look forward to seeing your next cow!


Hi Teri. This is nice. That main eye immediately grabs my attention. The catch-lights in the eyeball are well done, and make it look shiny and wet compared to the texture of the hide. Looks like this was fun to paint. I want to do a cow sometime myself. Thanks for sharing.

Terri Robichon


Thank you, this was really fun to do. I am really enjoying learning to use gouache. It just may pass acrylics, though that is probably because it is new to me.

Cows are really fun to do!

Thank you again,


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The highlights in the fur came out awesome! And the flowers in the background are a nice addition! Beautiful piece! :cow2: :clap: :smile:


Thank you, I really learned to appreciate gouache!


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