Peacock butterfly in gouache


This is wonderful. Great job

Beautiful job! Is this gouache Gouache? :laughing:

Thank you, you’re so kind.

Patricia, it’s Gouache.

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Ginny, Beautiful and nice handling of the gouache. I like gouache but still don’t have a decent set so put off using it.

Very inspiring!


I love this art journal. Thanks for sharing.

Terri Robichon

Thank you Teri. Winsor and Newton has the basic set of gouache colors that can work just fine to start with.


Thank you, it does help our creativity when we share our art stories.


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Thank you, Nella.

Please forgive me for getting your name wrong. I have a small set of gouache that seems to be pretty good until I decide it is a medium I plan to add to my list of better quality.

Again thanks for sharing and will be watching for more.


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Another terrific butterfly! :butterfly: The pattern on the wings are so pretty! :smile: :clap:

Thank you, The Mustard Seed of Life!

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