Finished gauche cow

First gauche done. I had some issues with the corn. Was trying to make it more abstract but feel it ended up looking kinda messy and unplanned?


So much personality in this! I love it! I’ve never worked with gauche, but I like the effect you achieved.

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I love the expression. Great job.

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thanks! Ashley did gauche in the last live lesson series so I wanted to try on my own, I was pleased with the results

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Beautiful! The corn doesn’t look messy and unplanned, it looks fun! Yum yum for the cow! :cow: Great work!

thanks! you words help me to keep going with my art!

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Ahh thanks - I love drawing cows and they have the best expressions!

This is really nice. I don’t think it is messy at all. We tend to be our hardest critics. I hope to try doing gauche and other painting in the near future. I hope to have something that turns out this well. Please post more of you work to encourage the rest of us.

ah thanks so much. Yes - I am my worst critic! I have submitted to the critique and hoping Matt selects and gives me some tips. I will continue you to post and will look forward to more of your work too