Redid blue cows

After Matt’s critique (2/23), I redid my pastel blue cows. This time my cows look very moody. I think I was more successful with some things this time but I like the happier looking first attempt! Let me know what you all think!


June both are amazing but being honest i still LOVE your first cows the best.
I just love the look on the cows face, and the color usage. Again both are beautiful but for some reason i can tell there is more of you the artist in the first one. Great job!!

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June!! They are both just amazing in my opinion! I like them both, but I’m leaning toward the first one as my fave for the same reason you like it. It makes me happy to look at it! That said, I love your use of the pastels in the sky on the second one. It was good experience either way you look at it.

Well done!

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Definitely the first one. I think it is good that you tried it again to reassure you that you liked your first one best and get rid of any doubts you may have had. Great Job on both of them and creating a different feel.


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The one on the right the eyes stand out better and the baby cow stands out better too. I love both of them though.

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Nice! Yes, they do convey different moods, and I would say that lends to color theory? The first one had blues and oranges, which are complimentary colors, but the second one has blue with more yellow-ish, which when combined creates green with more of a mysterious feel. But they are both awesome! :smile:

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Yes! That’s what I thought too. I like the more cheerful one but the moody one is also fun. I have them side by side on my bulletin board and it is interesting the different moods they convey due to the colors.