My sketchbook ❤️

@sonyanicolesmith27 you mentioned liking more “free” kinda art a while back.Me too! Hopefully you’ll like some of my artwork.:blush: here’s a few quick water colored sketches.

And a collage too.:grin:


@wren07 Hey, you finally shared some work, it looks great! I love the variance of subjects you have, they all look STELLAR :star_struck: ! The collage is really eye-catching, though, very unique! Awesome work! :clap: :smile:

You are doing an amazing job saving highlights with watercolor! You also nailed the flesh colors on top. Excellent detail for the small size, assuming that’s an adult size finger in each one.

You did all of these very well. I love them.

:joy:I know! It was about time i got on that- hopefully there will be more soon.:yum: Thank you so much for all the encouragment and complaments!!! Thank you, collages are so much fun and so easy cause if you mess up you can just glue something over it and nobody questions!:wink::yum:

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@ThatOtherGuy awww! Youre so sweet! Thank you so much! Your encouragment means a lot.:blush:
Yes, those are, if fact, adult-sized fingers.:joy::joy::joy:

@Denise thank you, i appriciate that!:blush: