Its been a while, but I am still drawing :-)

I haven’t been on here in ages :smiley: I am still drawing and continue to learn and grow ‘hopefully’ in my pen sketching. Heres a few things I have done recently with pen and watercolour :slight_smile:


All very well done. I love them all.

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Love your loose whimsical style. All very well done. Keep it up.

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Thank you Denise :smiley: appreciate that

Thank you so much. Trying to loosen up more so it becomes second nature. :smiley:

Love the ‘fun’ element of your drawings ….the line and wash are particularly enjoyable. I look forward t seeing more soon!

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Dannomiss89 -
I’m just loving your drawings and hope you keep on posting. My style is very structured and I would also like to try to loosen up. Thanks for the inspiration.

Terri Robichon

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It is nice to see you are still around.

These are all wonderful. I really like how you captured the expression in the portrait, though all of them are well done.

Thank you for sharing these with us.


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