Colored Painting of Fish

This is my latest colored pencil attempt. It is on Strathmore 400 series toned tan paper 6" x 8" using Faber-Castell Polychrome Pencils.

Thanks for taking a look and always critiques and suggestions are welcome.



Teri, You are amazing. This little fish has such personality, and I love your color scheme! I enjoy using polychromos pencils, but I haven’t used them in a while. I’ll need to get mine out and try something soon.


Such personality! Colors are beautiful and love the light shining in the green. Well done!

I want him in me fish tank :heart_eyes:

Beautiful. I like the Faber Castile. For me the easiest to work with.

Thank you, Linda.

I agree, for me they are also the easiest to work with.


Thank you, Brenda. You are always so encouraging! The Polychromos are my favorite-colored pencils by far.

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Thank you, June.

I am glad to see that you recognized I was trying to create a light source.



I am sure that he would be happy in your fish tank!!


Ahhhh so cute! :star_struck: Really love the variety of color and green background! :green_heart: :tropical_fish:


Thank you so much. This was really fun to work on with the little fish looking up during the process as I always start with the eye.


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