Lobster Bouy in Colored Pencil

Here is the first I have done with colored pencil. For a first attempt I am pleased with it. I used Polychromos pencils.


PS the brightest white is Ph Martin’s bleed-proof white ink. Don’t ever use that on polychromos; it doesn’t work and doesn’t stick which is obvious to me after I tried it. What was I thinking, I don’t know.

LOL! I tried about 12 times to draw my sons with a photo reference in colored pencils. I don’t know what I am doing, either too hard of stroke with colored pencil and wanting to do it all in one sitting, graphite drawings are too light to show up on these posts. I’ll post BRUISER when I get it finished in pastel pencils. I apparently squeeze too much oil for painting or whatever, I end up throwing out my paper palette. Actually, I will roll them up together and look at them to see what it looks like to me and use a Sharpie to draw edges around whatever it is that I see.

Pastel is my favorite, but I love oils just as much. I just enjoy looking at what others post. I thought I had posted others at the same time I posted other mixed medium drawings.

By the way, I don’t think you caught a lobster since the buoy is still floating on top of the water. Great picture. How long did you work on it?


Worked on it maybe 35-45 minutes counting drawing.
Not that it matters but lobster traps are wire cages, the bouy don’t move when a lobster is caught. The bouys are simply to mark the location for recovery.

I also have it in mind to do a cork/fishing bobber.
The reason I did this (and will do the bobber) is mostly to do water which I struggle with. Objects and things I do ok with. Sometime I just pick whatever I am worse at to try. Other times it is just whatever pops in my head.

Also I have a list I made of 100 different subjects to do something with. I can look at it and make a sketch quickly or reasonably quickly and decide if I want to do something more formal with it. 99% of the time I don’t.

Wonderful job. I love it.