Colored Pencil on Black Canvas

It has been a long time since I’ve taken time to create something. I thought I’d try out some new colored pencils I received as a gift on an 8x10 black canvas I had. Happy enough with the way it turned out, especially since I haven’t done anything in months.


Hi Ken - Thanks for sharing your colored pencil drawing. Pets are great subjects, but I think they are really difficult to draw and/or paint. You’ve done great with this one.

I do a lot of colored pencil drawings and am wondering if you’ve tried it on a smoother paper, rather than the canvas. I think you would find it easier to get the textures of the subject matter, without having to fight the texture of the canvas. Just a thought.

Terri Robichon

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Hi Terri,
Thank you for your comments!
I purposely did this on canvas to see how it would turn out. I wanted to see if I could create something that the texture would still work with.

I have not prepared myself to try scumbling that Ashley showed how to do, but I will in the future. This was kind of a ‘prep’ for me to see how well I can work on black canvas.

Truly enjoy this community!


This is great. Love it.

Thank you Denise. Just testing to see how it would turn out. I’ve seen others who recommend using a couple coats of Gesso and sanding to create a different texture. I’ll probably try that another time. Experimenting can be fun.

So fun! Love you experiment and the textures you achieved with the dog

This was fun to experiment with Junenez. I am working my way to the scumbling because that really impressed me. I just haven’t had a good result with any painting I’ve tried to do. I need more patience to let the painting build.


That’s funny cause I gave up on that live lesson and just continued to watch. Loved what Ashley did. I am not a fan of painting. Pastels and colored pencils are my go to.
Looking forward to see your progress in scrumblin. Please post!

Hello Ken,

This turned out wonderful! I am a big fan of textures and created combinations of mediums and surfaces.

I never considered using colored pencils on canvas, it is intriguing to me. Did you use was or oil based colored pencils? I imagine oil pastels would work well too.

I do enjoy working on black paper, especially with colored inks. I may try an experience of colored pencils on canvas paper. If and when I do I will post it.

The scumbling project with Ashley was so much fun. I really enjoyed it and the process. If you like painting I think you will enjoy the scumbling live lesson. Yes, I will be watching for your post too.


What a cute dog! The colors came out well on the black canvas, even the whiskers! :smile: :dog:

Thank you Teri. It may not be the best combination, but I did enjoy trying something different. Colors are muted and texture is amplified. It was worth experimenting. I will have to try the French Bulldog scumbling sometime. That was a great lesson Ashley provided. MAybe that will be a better introduction into painting for me.

Thank you. It would be better if the colors were more vibrant, but that is what happens on the black background. I’m happy with the detail. Looking for my next ‘project’ to get more active with art again. I’ve been preoccupied with other things too much recently.

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Hello Ken,

You could also consider starting with gouache. It is an opaque watercolor but functions similar to oil paints. There are a few live lessons using gouache. One that is more recent lead by Ashley and I think three or more that Matt did a few years ago.

I am trying some gouache right now to do a cow and really enjoying it.

I have done many colored pencil drawings on black cards. It just takes a bit more layering and patience. There is also a brand of colored pencils that Matt uses in the course Three Little Birds. The hummingbird is done on black paper with I believe Luminous (??) colored pencils. It is listed in the supplies.


I’ll have to give that a try. So far my attempts at painting have not been very successful.


It is the attempts at painting that help us find out which mediums, what paper, and what style we will developing. So every attempt is a process of learning and that what it is all about.

If we ever are happy with all we do then we will have arrived and have no more to learn.

You are on a good path in creation, you will see you find your way and begin to see the little wins that you like in all your pieces. We are always our worst critics.


You are 100% correct. I need to keep trying new mediums and techniques.