COURSE : Realistic paint drawing ✍️

I am just. 40 yo Greek seafarer who started
“Virtual” courses.
Never tried to draw anything like that in my life.
Your review and comments will be highly appreciated

I’ve started (parts of ) also
25 better drawing
And the Guide to graphite

Working on diamond atm


Hi Pankok! You’re doing great! The elephant and the glass of water are particularly well done. Keep at it!

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Hello @Pankok , you are doing great. It is addicting.

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What a fantastic job!

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Mrs Dennis thank you so much !

Yes it is ! Sometimes I stay up to 04:00 am :grin:

I have just finish the Diamond as well …


Wow - those are amazing! I started that diamond and never finished! All those angles made me cross-eyed. you did a wonderful job

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@Pankok wow, wow, wow. . . For all of the drawings you shared. They are all well done. Fun to see what you’ve accomplished.

Terri Robichon

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It was really challenging indeed ! Thank you very much

Thank you very much Mrs Robichon … I will try to keep going without being disappointed

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