Egg Using Graphite Pencil

Here is my first try at the egg from the “Secrets to Drawing” course. Any suggestions for improvement?


Hi Peter -
Nice to see you posting here. One thing I’ve been learning is how important a range of “value” is to a drawing (meaning lights, mid-tones and darks). You’re on the right track with this drawing, but I suggest pushing the range of values even more. Make the lights lighter (with an eraser) and the darks (shadow) darker, especially right next to the egg. Give it a try.

I’d also suggest you watch some of the Member’s Minute which is a weekly Critique. Matt teaches this concept of range of VALUE all the time.

Keep up the good work, and keep posting.

Terri Robichon

Thanks for the feedback. I will.

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Awesome! You captured the spherical-ness of both the egg and the shadow it casts, not to mention the light bouncing back to it! Like @robichon mentioned values, if you made the background darker, the egg might stand out more. Great work! :clap: :smile: