Egg Using Graphite Pencil

Here is my first try at the egg from the “Secrets to Drawing” course. Any suggestions for improvement?


Hi Peter -
Nice to see you posting here. One thing I’ve been learning is how important a range of “value” is to a drawing (meaning lights, mid-tones and darks). You’re on the right track with this drawing, but I suggest pushing the range of values even more. Make the lights lighter (with an eraser) and the darks (shadow) darker, especially right next to the egg. Give it a try.

I’d also suggest you watch some of the Member’s Minute which is a weekly Critique. Matt teaches this concept of range of VALUE all the time.

Keep up the good work, and keep posting.

Terri Robichon

Thanks for the feedback. I will.

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Awesome! You captured the spherical-ness of both the egg and the shadow it casts, not to mention the light bouncing back to it! Like @robichon mentioned values, if you made the background darker, the egg might stand out more. Great work! :clap: :smile:

I have made another attempt at capturing the shading. What do you think?

Hi pslinn - nice to see you posting again. This is definitely improved. I think you can still push that shadow even darker, especially immediately next to the bottom edge of the egg. I also think the area of reflected light at the bottom of the egg next to the shadow is too big. It should just be a slim little area (about 1/3rd as high as what you have drawn). Your background is very well done, and that is not easy. Your directional strokes on the egg are also really good and nicely portray the shape of the egg. I hope this is helpful.

Terri Robichon

Thank you very much for the suggestions. I will give this a try.

I have tried out your suggestions. Certainly looks better. Thanks.

This is definitely looking better. You now have a visible “line” at the bottom of the egg where the shadow starts. I’d suggest that you blend that in more to the shadow so that it doesn’t appear as an actual line. I also still think the reflected light at the bottom of the egg should be thinner. Keep up the good work. Excelling at artwork requires a lot of practice.
Terri Robichon

I very much appreciate your feedback.

My nemesis of being impatient gets the better of me. This is one of the things I am working on.

For the reflected light at the underside of the egg, I am trying to replicate what I see in the picture. I see a small brighter section but also a much broader ever dimming section. I am finding trying to imitate the dimming section very hard to do.


Terri, I just remembered, when I drew the line for the edge of the egg, I was having difficulty in blending it. I use blending stumps to blend. I found the point of the stump to broad for the detail I was trying to address. Would you have any suggestions for how to blend the line?


Hi Peter -
I wouldn’t “blend” it, but rather would “draw” it, using a really light hand. Start at the dark line, and start shading lighter and lighter as you move away from the egg.

Also regarding the reflected light, I was looking at Matt’s finished drawing rather than the reference photo. Listen to that lesson again around the 11:00 minute mark. One thing you learn from Matt is that the photo is just a reference, and your drawing does not have to be identical. As a matter of fact, often a drawing is better if you exaggerate the values making the lights lighter, and the darks darker. Usually you will see that reflected lights are smaller, and that’s the way Matt drew it.

Please know that there are no rights or wrongs with art. You need to make it your own. My feedback to you is intended to help you LOOK closer as you draw. Also know that I did not do this lesson myself, or listen to all of it. I am just reacting to what I see in your posted work. Hope this is helpful. You are really doing well.

Terri Robichon