Gesso-ed canvas

Can the gesso painted on canvas be used as the background to a picture or is it better to paint the background white? Why or why not?

Hi lilnora,
Could you try to re-word you question? Iam not sure I understood it. Do you intend to use an already painted canvas as a background for a new painting?

Yes, that’s it; but, I tried moving the canvas out of the bad weather and when I did I dropped it and then could not get the dirt off it. So I will paint over it using an oil-based ground, I decided to do a cerulean blue wash over it to do away with the tracing paper lines. The painted subject was not true to the measurements. so I have to start over painting the canvas with an oil-based ground. Canvas is rather large @ 24" x 40". The bird is going to be huge.


I ended up painting over the Acrylic-based Gesso with an oil-based ‘ground’; now I can paint on the canvas, I was wondering if the while ‘ground’ could be the background for a picture of a flying peacock on a 24" X 40" canvas. I had tried to do a light blue-ish background but could not come up with something that wouldn’t take away from the blue and green bird. At this point, I am a bit try to paint it. Maybe if I put it aside and do the “25 Days to a Better Drawing”.