Girl portrait in acrylic on paper

Sharing another portrait painting of a Girl with acrylic colors on 300 gsm paper. I have found doing on paper more comfortable for blending this type of smooth blending. The natural texture of the paper makes the skin texture more natural. I enjoyed doing this painting because it has multiple textures in one place, like the face, hairs, the cloths and the background. All those have different textures and different lighting challenges.

I am sharing a video link too with this painting picture.

I will love to hear form you about this painting.

Wow! Very realistic :+1:

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Thanks a lot Rajeshwar for you comment.

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I love the way you caught the warmth of her and that moment in your depiction of the light! Tutorial is really well done and fun to watch.

Very good and thanks for sharing us ‘how you painted it’. I always enjoy the videos you post. Thanks for sharing.