Girl portrait in acrylic on paper

Sharing another portrait painting of a Girl with acrylic colors on 300 gsm paper. I have found doing on paper more comfortable for blending this type of smooth blending. The natural texture of the paper makes the skin texture more natural. I enjoyed doing this painting because it has multiple textures in one place, like the face, hairs, the cloths and the background. All those have different textures and different lighting challenges.

I am sharing a video link too with this painting picture.

I will love to hear form you about this painting.


Wow! Very realistic :+1:

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Thanks a lot Rajeshwar for you comment.

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I love the way you caught the warmth of her and that moment in your depiction of the light! Tutorial is really well done and fun to watch.

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Very good and thanks for sharing us ‘how you painted it’. I always enjoy the videos you post. Thanks for sharing.


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Nice to know that you liked my work. Thank you so much for your appreciation :blush:

Thank you so much for appreciating my work. I’ll try to post something interesting. Have a great day.

Wonderful painting looks just like it could be a photograph but much better. What brand of paper do you use? I found some canvas paper for acrylics that is really nice to work on. It is canvas paper but nothing like working on a stretched canvas.

Also, I really enjoyed your video and learned so much from it.


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Thank you so much Teri for you lovely words. I am glad to know that you liked my videos too. I mostly use canson 300 gsm watercolor paper for my acrylics. But recently I am using 400 gsm acrylic paper. Both are equally capable of withstanding the vigorous brush strokes I applied for my works. But acrylic papers are slightly better. Keep painting. Have a great day.