Grand Mother | Portrait Painting In Acrylic On Canvas

I had painted my Grandmothers Portrait painting with Acrylic on canvas two years back. She is 98 years now. She is a very kind and caring person. I had found the right mood and expression in this painting. This painting is very close to my heart.

I am sharing a few stages and the picture of the final painting below. It was a challenging painting for me because of the wrinkles on her face. But at the same time, it was fun.

>>>Click here for the painting process of this painting on my YouTube channel <<<


This is fabulous, photographic even. Love it.

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The portrait is very beautiful, just like your grandmother. I love a face with character. Wrinkles can be scary to work into a portrait, but you did a wonderful job.

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This is amazing! You did a wonderful job with the wrinkles.

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Thank you so much for your appreciation.

You captured the love in her eyes!

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that is absolutely wonderful well done

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Thank you so much for your comment.

Thank you so much that you liked the art.