SADHU (The Holy Man) in Acrylic on Canvas

This is one of my recent portrait painting on canvas. I liked the expression of the eyes of this man and also the overall makeup. It was so natural and expressive. So, I decided to paint it. I will love to hear from you.

The process of the painting is in the link below. Please have a look.


Fabulous! really very expressive.

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I like the eyes, skin, nose…almost looks real!

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Thanks a lot for appreciating the painting.

I appreciate your observation. Thanks for your comment.

Beautiful! I love when other artists show their videos on how they are working with their pictures and techniques. Thanks for sharing,

Excellent painting, very realistic :+1:

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Thank you for the link to your video - I enjoyed observing how you built up the rich silvery whiteness of his hair and beard; a great demonstration.

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Great work in acrylic! You captured the detail and the expression so well.
Thanks for sharing.

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Glad to know that you liked it. Thank you so much for your encouragement.

Thank you so much for appreciating my work. I’ll try to post something interesting next time.

Thanks a lot for your kind words :pray: