My humble try to paint Monalisa with Acrylic colors

I tried to paint Monalisa with acrylic color. The entire process was quite challenging for me. I tried glazing method to achieve the skintone in this painting.
I would love to hear your feedback and suggestions. Happy painting :art:

I am sharing the link for the full painting process.


Waaaaau, that’s quite good! How much time did it take?

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Woe - That’s really cool! You did a great job

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This great. I love it.

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Thank you so much for appreciating my work. I took around 20 hours to paint this.

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Thanks a lot for appreciating my work. Have a great day.

Thank you so much for your appreciation. Have a nice day.

Great job, DJBORUAH!!! Thank you for sharing with us!!!

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Thanks a lot for appreciating my work :pray: Have a great day :blush:

Marvelous job at this! I’ve thought about doing work like this of a master painter like Davinci. A lot of work for sure. Cudos to you for taking the challenge on!

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Thank you so much for your wonderful comment. Yes, it was quite challenging but I equally enjoyed doing it. The experience was so amazing.

Wow!! I am inspired more to continue learning portraits in color and I think this will be my target now

Amazing!!! You nailed it!!!:heart:

That is unreal! great job!

Wow! You did a fabulous job! My daughter studied Art History abroad in Rome and I have a picture of her standing near the original painting which was quite small. I may give this a try as a gift for her so thank you :pray: for posting the link as well.