Graphite Portrait: Dan and Tyson

I met Dan at my local shopping centre on a day when I had determined that I would draw the Street People of our city. He is a gentle, well-spoken person who happily agreed to the photographs necessary to create this piece.


I LOVE it!
I love the beautiful expression you captured.

Adorable and beautifully done.

The dog has such a sweet face and I am sure he brings Dan a lot of love for someone living on the street. I can remember going to Charleston, SC, and the ladies weaving baskets. Some did not want their pictures taken even if you offered to pay them for it. But, they were so interesting and one of the ladies was a real talker. Did you show this picture to him? Was it done from the photogram?


Hi. I have yet to show it to him because I have not run in to him again. I worked from a photo after talking with him for some time.