Street people in my City

I have a little project to record the stories of the Street People I meet. This is my first candidate. I have completed 2, though the second is not photographed. The 3rd is stuck on representing a Staffordshire Terrier’s short grey fur using graphite on white paper. Graphite on 300gsm!


This is a great idea to do a series on street people in your area. I’m new to the sight so looking up some older artwork. You really captured their expressions

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thanks. I have 3 men done. the project has been set aside, maybe until we are once again living without concern wrt CoViD, I have been doing a lot of watercolour.

I like that you darkened this one. Keep going


The composition is very interesting. I love the way you capture the whole story in monochrome. Beautiful work :ok_hand::+1:

Thank you so much - I watched the video that you linked through your profile; your comment “sounds” like someone who teaches. I deeply appreciate your note on composition and story. I show you the 2 others in this ‘series’.I have not done any portraits since May, concentrating instead on developing the watercolour skills and working towards perhaps doing illustration. I think that it is time I maintained a focus on a single idea and then, perhaps, tried to market the products.

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