Hello from South Dakota

Hello everyone!
My name is DONNA & I am a wannabe artist.
I’m a grandmother of two beautiful girls & I live in South Dakota.


Welcome Stormy. Look forward to seeing your works

Welcome. Looking forward to seeing your art work.

Good morning & thank you both.

Hi Stormy -
So nice to have new members. I’d recommend that one thing you do is watch the Member’s Minute every week. Only takes a half hour and you will learn a LOT. Even watch the previous ones when you have extra time.

Terri Robichon

Thank you Miss Terri, I will check it out & see what I can learn.
Considering I need to learn everything.

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Hello @Stormy , and welcome to the forum! You are already an artist, and I can’t wait to see the art you share! Jesus loves you!!!

Thank you everyone for your warm welcome.
A little elf told me a secret today, I am getting to join the artist community.
So I can’t wait to start on Matt’s lesson plans & grow with the community.

Thank you TheMustardSeedLife for that warm welcome.
I looking forward to getting to know everyone better through art.

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