Is the Coffee Fresh?

Calling this one, “Is the Coffee Fresh?” Done in watercolor. My newest medium to try.

Thank you for your input!


Very nicely done. Love it.

Thank you Denise. You’re always the first with a kind word and heart. Thank you again.

Very nicely done. I love how vivid this watercolor is. Which brand did you use?

Thanks for sharing.


Thank you for your kind statement.
I used Arteza. I’m new at watercolors, so nothing fancy as yet.I would like to try something a little better.
Your recommendation would be great.

Hi Jack! I am no expert when it comes to watercolors. I am a beginner with these, but I was pleasantly surprised by the adequate coverage from inexpensive brands such as Reeves and Daler Rowney. I later decided to buy Cotman (by Winsor & Newton) and immediately saw the difference in quality. I believe that Matt uses the Winsor Newton frequently. It seems that Arteza is also very well rated. There are so many brands to choose from! Many are excellent, but some are too expensive for budget conscious artists. For instance, Sennelier, Schmincke, Daniel Smith and M. Graham are the most expensive but all well rated. Holbein and Winsor Newton offer good quality paints are a mid-range point. So, it all depends how much you want to invest. Good luck with your exploration of this challenging medium.

Thank you Patricia. I will give it a go!

That is hot cup of coffee, very creative.

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Thank you, I appreciate that!

This is lovely, great job with the steam, takes you up the picture and back down again to the cup. Love the colors!

Thank you, Lori. I was doing wet on wet and not sure if it would work or not… Fortunately, it did!
Thank you again.

Its 4 A.M. here and I’m going back for another cup. Hope its as good as your work makes it look. very nice. tom

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Thank you Tom. Your kind sentiments are very much felt on this end!

This really captures the feeling of a hot cup of coffee! The colors capture that feeling of recharge, warmth and activation.

Thank you Marcy. You’re very kind. I made it for a dear friend of mine who loves her morning cup! I gave it to her as a gift. She was very blessed by it.
Thanks again, I really appreciate it!