Just a thought on art

Everyone is an artist, some have just had more practice.


Yes, sir! Practice is a game-changer! Some more of my #art-philosophy:
“There is no such thing as lack of talent in drawing, only lack of determination. And it’s NEVER too early or too late to start learning.”
“Art is subjective, make it yours!”
Thank you for sharing! :grinning:

Thanks for stopping by and adding to this thread. I have written much and thought this thread would generate many other comments on art and being an artist. Take car and have a great day.


Matt just did a “rant” on this lesson 5 of the current live lesson. It was very encouraging and it is about desire and working hard. Some people have the talent to get there quicker but all of us can do it if we practice!

That is so true. Thanks for replying. Have a great day.

Like I said in my reply at the forum that is so true and it is sad that someone would have the desire but not be willing to put in the practice. My art, whether it be drawing, writing or photography is a means by which I speak to others as it should be for all i art.
Take care and have a great and blessed day.