New to site as of 12/28/22

Hello my name and s Brian. I am new to course. Though I have some art experience, I am by no means good at it. I joined course so i can be. I love the satisfaction that comes with practicing art . Completing a piece people like is also a bonus. Anyway I look forward to sharing and learning here. Have a great day!


Hi Brion,

Welcome to the family! I love drawing myself and I’m still far away of being an artist. Practise makes the master and I just enjoy being here.

Hope, you will find this forum and membership programme helpful for yourself and maybe we see you on on YouTube or the life lessons.

Best regards

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Hello @CBS , welcome! Here in the forums is where we share and discuss art, can’t wait to see yours! Don’t be afraid of what your skill may “appear” to be, art has many styles, and if you’re happy with what you’ve created, than it’s great! I agree, art is very rewarding, there’s always something new to learn! Jesus loves you!!!

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Thank you both so much. Look forward to speaking with you more. Have a great weekend

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Welcome, Brian! I started my membership in July of last year, and I can honestly say it has changed my life. The range of subject matter covered is overwhelming at times. I started with “25 Days to Better Drawing,” and never looked back. I don’t really know how many of the courses I’ve taken, plus I attend the live lessons on Wednesday evenings (USA time) and also “Gettin’ Sketchy” prior to the live lessons on You Tube. “Gettin’ Sketchy” is going to start back up in a few weeks. We just finished a “season” of it.

I love the forum, and have become more and more willing to share my work as my confidence grows with practice, practice, practice. I hope you have a similar experience to mine. I consider it one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. :slight_smile:

Brenda (from Texas)

Nice to see another face! It is a fun place to be and talk about art and how to not mess up. I give lots of examples on what to Not do.


I am sure I can give you a run for your money. Lol glad to be here.