New artist but kinda old

I’ve been retired for a while but I’m taking up the challenge of painting. My biggest challenge is my limited color vision. The military said I have 30% of normal color vision but I’m going to do the best I can


No matter what colors you put in, you will develop your own style and approach. What matters is that the time you spend doing any artistic activity will bring happiness to your life. Go for it!
Patricia (another retiree)


Never lose hope. Just do it.

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Never too old to learn something new, even with black and white we can do great art. Let’s do it and a warm welcome :hugs:

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74 years old here. I’ve been scratching paper with the old number 2 pencil since grade school. Thought this would be a good year to try to learn how to move beyond that. I just signed up for Matt’s instruction. Have a great day.


Welcome aboard Papaw. You will truly enjoy your membership.
Patricia (64 and counting :smiley:)

Welcome. Age is not important. Desire is the thing. You will learn a lot with Matt. Enjoy!

I’m on the wrong side of 50 as well. Lots of time on hands and the way Getting Sketchy is going on YouTube re-ignited my interest in drawing so here I am. I haven’t Finished any of the tutorials, but signed up for a year so I have a lot to binge on. I have a parrot and my goal is to do a great portrait of him (Rio) in colored pencil and another in watercolor which dropped me into the addictive getting sketchy videos and 5 months later I’m finally here after seeing this community has the vibe and laid back attitudes I really think I’ll enjoy. Seems relaxed, fun, and not “snooty” I guess is best description of my take of some other art learning/discussion forums.