Rekindle my art

I started oil painting 50 years ago. With a few canvas board and a set of cheap oil paints I began to teach myself to paint. Many things in life got in the way of being able to find time to paint but the desire was always there. Now I am retired and for the first time I am able to paint all I want. I enjoy the virtual instructor course and Matt because he has so much information that I would need to go to art school for years to learn. I can’t figure out how to share one of my pieces. Sorry.

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I have been with Matt since 2013 and find he is very inspirational not only in art but life itself. I have not painted in awhile, but I am making some time for it now

He definitely has a lot of knowledge and is down to earth about what he
teaches. He is so encouraging to everyone to create art. I enjoy watching
all of his reviews of other peoples art because it helps me look for things
in my own art I enjoy. I am just thrilled to be able to have the time to
paint now. I have an etsy account under my name if you would like to see
some of my work. search under Barbara taylor oils. Let me know
what you think of my art if you have time to take a look. Thanks