New person here June 28th

Hi: I am Barbara Crowe. I have been taking Matts classes for some time now and just recently, well this week actually, signed in to a Live Lesson. I am taking the Graphic drawing of the outstanding tree Matt found. I am self-taught. Began with watercolor 4 years ago and found Matt just this year. I have learned so much but still, am a beginner in so many ways. Very skittish to show any of my work. Most of it has been given away and so far no one has returned my gifts. Looking forward to making some art friends in this community. Need a lot of encouragement. I was a massage therapist specializing in energy work and transpersonal psychology. I am handicap and pretty much sedentary but am able to drive some to get to the gym to exercise. I meditate, read a lot and am a knitter and weaver. Never enough time to do it all. I create art because it keeps me sane and alive.