Membership costs

Hi to everyone, I’ve found Virtual Instructor by divine intervention and happy I did. I signed up for the 7 day free trial, can someone inform me if the membership to all the courses is the $97.00 a year?
I need to know this before the 7 days are up. So far love what I see.
Thanks, LaDameArt

Hello Laura. As far as I know, it is still $97.00 (USD) per year. (I asked tonight during the live lesson.)
You won’t regret signing up. Matt is a wonderful teacher and his courses and lessons are invaluable. There are people like me who have just started in art and others who have a lot of experience and every person states that they get so much out of the Virtual Instructor.

Thank you for responding quickly. I saw prices under different lessons that’s why I questioned.
So far enjoying the courses.

Hi Laura. I believe that the prices under different lessons mean that you can sign up for specific lessons instead of the whole package. Personally, I think that Matt’s pricing is so good, it is worth signing up for the complete line up. I don’t think I can ever praise Virtual Instructor enough for the excellent value they offer. Looking forward to seeing your name in the chat box during our live lessons. I hope you will share some of your art in the forum as well. :grinning:

Best $97 I have ever spent! Makes me think I am still back in art school. Learn so much more from Matt and he is an inspirational instructor.
Lenora - ArtistLittleNora (‘lilnora’)