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Hi everyone! I just learned about Virtual Instructor. I’m looking to learn to draw realistically from observation along with learning other things about making art. Have you found the membership to be good for this? Thanks!


The Virtual Instructor is a wonderful place to learn most aspects of making art. It is well worth the effort and the money. I highly recommend it. It has helped me tremendously and many others. I hope you get other responses.


Yes. There are a lot of courses on this site. One of them is 30 days of drawing, along with many other ones on other mediums besides graphite. Plus there are live lessons and members minute where Matt critiques the art work submitted.

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I have found The Virtual Instructor to be so helpful for me with drawing. I’m not new to art, but was doing a lot of watercolor painting and also pastels. I decided I want to get better at drawing because I figure it will help all of the art I do. “The 25 days to Better Drawings” course is the one I’m currently in and it has been both challenging and fun. I also see a lot of other classes I want to do after this. There are so many to choose from.

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It’s great and well worth the money as there’s so many courses and content. :grinning: Infact you can try it for 7 days for free and then it’s 30% off anyway and will cost you $13 a month. Bargain! And on top of that you have a 30 day money back guarantee :grinning:

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TVI is a wonderful save place for learning in your own time with great supporting members and first of all - Matt and Ashley build a perfect match! You will find more information, more courses and more things to explore - you cannot imagine. But: :rofl: once you are a member, you might never want to leave again.

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Excellent opportunities here with Matt. I recently joined and with every piece I try, I’ve learned so much. I like that there are several mediums to chose from. This is definitely a “teaching” and “learning” environment. I am so glad I found him.