Advice for a beginner?

Hello! I’m brand new to this learning format and community. Anyone have advice on which courses to take first? I see all the courses but am looking for some advice on high ones to take first.

Hello Regina. Welcome aboard the VI and forum. I have been with the Virtual Instructor for a few years now and I would say the best bet is to start with the drawing courses (The secrets to drawing, 25 days to better drawing and Guide to graphite - you might also want to watch The Elements mini course). Once you have powered through these, you should try to watch the Live lessons 8 p.m. on Wednesdays and/or the Gettin’ Sketchy (6:30 on YouTube). Note that Gettin’ Sketchy is not part of the membership. It is an additional offering by Matt that anyone can participate in. Hope you have fun!

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I have been with Virtual instructor since 2013. I find it very good to learn any medium. I think the drawing courses would be good to take first. There is also courses. The one on graphite could be good to take first