Metric Mesurement

Hi Matt

I am loving the site and am so pleased I signed up.

My suggestion would be to include metric measurements, as well as your imperial.

It’s not necessarily a huge problem, as I just get get a calculator and do the conversion but it would make things a little easier. Especially for us Europeans that use metric!

Thanks for listening :slight_smile:


Hello Q,

You should go through the other part of the website where the critique. You will see where it says ask a question. You can post both of your questions there for Matt to see.


I feel your pain! All of my rulers are in cm only, my husband came to my rescue with an old one with inches and cm. Otherwise I was doing a rough conversion in my head. While we’re mostly metric in Ireland we use both interchangeably.

Hi Janed,

Yes, divide by 2.54!

Like you I can do both, also applies to Ibs, ounces, grammes and kilos. I’m of the generation that was born when it all changed. It just takes me longer to convert now!

Welcome. There are plenty of glasses and live lessons to watch on this site